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Trimming and pruning are crucial in proper tree maintenance. While it’s true that trees in forests and other wild setting do not really require any human intervention where maintenance goes, it is a different story for trees in landscaped settings. Landscape trees need a certain level of maintenance and care not only to maintain their aesthetics but to ensure safety as well.

As the cornerstone to any arbor tree care Central Oregon program, trimming is necessary not only in sustaining a tree’s health but also in retaining its aesthetics and stimulating growth. A lot of people think that trimming their trees on their own is a good way of saving some great bucks. Unfortunately, when not done right, improper pruning and trimming can cause some serious damage to the trees.

At Tree Removal Bend Oregon, we believe that trimming and pruning is not just an art form but a science as well. There needs to be a thorough understanding of a plant’s biology along with its flaws and defects to effectively have it trimmed in a manner that will not hinder its growth and development. Leaving the job to the experts means that your tree will not be subjected to irreparable damages since they know that there is more to the task than just aesthetics. At the end of the day, the health of your tree should be the top priority.

Our certified, licensed and insured arborists have mastered the craft and art of tree pruning and trimming over the years. We are proud of the biological expertise of our team on threes and their deep understanding of what a proper trim constitutes will ensure that your beloved asset will be kept well-maintained and healthy all-around.

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