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Trees need to be pruned on a regular basis not only to ensure their health and to keep your property safe but to also ensure fire safety. While regular pruning will keep your tree in tip-top health, regularly caring for and pruning your trees will also reduce the possibility of any low lying branches or other yard waste such as sticks, barks, and leaves from catching fire.

At Tree Removal Bend Oregon, we cannot emphasize enough how important it is for every property owner to get their trees be seen to by a professional arborist Bend Oregon on the regular to keep them healthy as well as prevent them from being a fire risk. It helps to know the signs that your tree is in need of some professional tree service Central Oregon attention.

Call us to perform the necessary tree care and fire prevention service if you notice the following:

  • Noticeable growth of fungus or rot on the tree
  • Falling limbs that are brittle or dry
  • Frail and brittle bark falling off the tree
  • Excessive leafless branches or leaf loss

Dying trees can pose a high risk of catching fire. Making sure that they are removed from your property before they can become a real problem as soon as you can is very important. Recognizing the signs will help make it easier for you to locate the right expert arborist in Central Oregon that will get the job done right.

Keep your home, your family, and your property safe from fires by calling Tree Removal Bend Oregon today. We have years of experience in tree care, trimming, removal, pruning, and fire prevention services performed by insured, licensed and highly trained professionals. Call us today and help us help you keep your home safe.